Dr Ash Dutta on decolletage care

Most females of a certain age have reservations about wearing a low-cut dress or top. The skin from the chin down to the chest has one of the most prominent areas for visible signs of ageing. It is estimated 60% of women are concerned about the appearance of this particular part of their bodies.

The reason for such concerns is simply that the visible skin on the chest area is thinner and lacks the necessary glands to lubricate the skin, and offers protection. However, there are treatments available to combat such visible signs of ageing.

The Vampire Treatment (PRP)

A procedure that that utilises both a combination of laser therapy and Platelet Rich Plasma injections. The application of the laser uses a finely focused beam to resurface the skin and reduce the visible wrinkles. Following this, the Platelet Rich Plasma injections encourage the skin to regenerate, boosting the Collagen production and visible firmness of the skin. This treatment is usually undertaken over three sessions and can cost upwards of £1500.

Keeping Abreast Of The Cleavage

The application of Radio Frequency technology (known as RF), seeks to actively combat wrinkles and tighten skin. A gel is applied to the area of the décolletage to be treated before a probe delivers RF energy into the dermal layers. The treatment causes a warm sensation but is not painful. This stimulates the production of Collagen which helps with the skin regeneration. The advantage over the more invasive cosmetic procedures is that no recovery time is required and any redness or sensitivity of the skin will fade around an hour later. Improvements can usually be seen over three to six months with a minimum of three treatments recommended. A course of RF treatments starts around £500.

Plump That Skin

This is normally achieved by using a filler treatment such as Restylane which is specially developed for use on the décolletage area. This helps to boost the thickening of finer skin, giving it a more visibly smooth appearance. The micro injections are surprisingly pain free, but the Hyaluronic Acid helps to boost the moisture levels within the skin. Fine lines are reduced and a healthier and more rejuvenated surface skin tone is achieved with results lasting around 1 year. You can expect to pay around £200 per treatment.

Beat The Sun Effect

Surface sun damage can be treated using a technique called ´Photodynamic Therapy’. This can help to rejuvenate skin which has been damaged by sun exposure. The décolletage is exposed to a red-light laser treatment which can help to reduce any surface redness and inflammation received from prolonged sun exposure. A minimum of 4 treatments is recommended starting from around £300 per session.

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