Dr Ash Dutta on Fat Transfer to the breast

There are a few methods that are involved in breast augmentation, one of those methods is transferring fat to the breast. Dr Ash Dutta explains the ways fat transfers can be used in breast augmentation.

Fat transferring is a very popular treatment, particularly because of the ‘Brazilian bum lift’ which is now very well known when discussing the cosmetic surgery field.  However fat transfer to the breast can also be done as well to increase the volume and shape of the breast. One thing we must consider is that breast implants give a more structured volume enhancement to the breast which fat cannot. This is due to us being limited to the amount of fat we can transfer.

The best areas that the fat will work for is when we are trying to correct a scar or an operations outcome where the volume or shape is different on one side compared to the other, this will correct any asymmetry.  Some of the fat that is transferred will die however a significant amount of the fat will continue to live after being transferred. Fat transfers can also work very well whenever we are doing any reconstructive work to the breast. However, in the cosmetic surgery field reconstructive work does not happen.

There is another benefit to fat transfer is that we are removing the fat from one area which the patient may not want that fat on e.g. the abdomen or legs, that fat can then be cleaned and washed and placed back in the breast to give it the shape desired. As with all cosmetic treatments there are pros and cons to a fat transfer to the breast, it is important that the cosmetic surgeon informs the patients of everything related to the procedure.

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