Dr Ash Dutta talks about IV Vitamin Therapy

Dr Ash Dutta explains how and why IV vitamin therapy is used and what effects it has.

Intravenous vitamin therapy is gaining popularity for two reasons. Athletes, patients and people who generally want to feel a bit better. The IV therapy, meaning it goes straight into the veins hits the target much faster as it doesn’t have to go through the digestive system for the nutrients and the vitamins to be absorbed. It is very quick and the use of this does not need to be for any special reason, you may just feel very tired after a long weeks work; IV nutrition therapy seems to give them that extra lift and people feel more fresh and more confident knowing the vitamins are going where they are supposed to go within the shortest period of time.

At Aesthetic Beauty Centre we can replenish the vitamin B complex and all the vitamins that may be lacking, even the folic acid can be inserted through IV. However, the most important ingredient is vitamin C which has got antioxidant effects thus reducing the chances of getting an infection also boosting the immune system. Overall IV nutrition therapy gives the modern individual something to look forward to, to boost their energy and confidence.

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