Dr Ash Dutta talks about Regenera hair growth and scar treatment.

Regenera is used as a system that obtains, processes and administers cells to encourage hair growth and can be used on scarring too.

Regenera is a new treatment that is available for the use in hair rejuvenation or the increase in the growth of hair. It can also be used for scar and wound management too. In this treatment we take a small biopsy sample from the back of the head, if we are using it for the reason of hair growth. The sample is then placed into a vessel where it is processed, a solution is made from these live cells which were obtained from the patient. This injection of the solution is applied to the areas of the head where we want the hair to grow. The initial trials of Regenera have shown encouraging results and more and more patients are getting better hair growth from this treatment

In terms of scar management what we tend to do is introduce the laser to resurface the area, then we will introduce the cell solution which will help the skin to grow quicker and healthier. This area is a very exciting one, it is getting very good results and hopefully we will be able to eventually combine Regenera with other types of treatments such as Kerastem to create even better results of hair regrowth and hair rejuvenation.

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