Dr Ash Dutta talks about Stem Cells

Dr Ash Dutta discusses the use of stem cells in Aesthetic medicine, including what is involved in the obtaining of stem cells to the treatments it can be used for.

Stem Cell sounds like something from the future. However, it has been used in general and aesthetic medicine for some time now. In aesthetic medicine we use stem cells for rejuvenation and the growth of new hair this is called Kerastem. Kerastem uses a gene called Wnt, the Wnt gene can stimulate the cells and help new follicles grow all without any invasive treatment.

In general medicine we have used Stem Cells for diseases such as Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s, diabetes and an improvement of arthritis and various other immunological conditions. In Aesthetic medicine the stem cells are derived from the patients own fat, after the liposuction the fat is processed with enzymes and under sterile conditions, we obtain the stem cells which is then injected back into the tissue.

Not all stem cell therapies are fully successful, so we need to counsel the patient about how much the patient should expect, whether there may be any other complications which is not often as the stem cells are the patient’s own cells hence the chances of any rejection or complications being very low. Dr Ash believes that the patients need to be appropriately informed regarding everything before they decide if they want any form of treatments available.

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